Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I want a cold frosty treat

I love raw milk. By raw, I mean, straight from the cow, not pasteurized, not homogenized. I used to go every other week to a farm and regularly get milk for my family. The farm is far away though, and with gas prices being so high, I decided I really could not afford it. I pay $6 a gallon for the milk. I think this is actually quite reasonable. (When I buy milk in the store, I usually pay $6+ a gallon for the organic milk.)

My birthday was Monday and I decided as a birthday treat I would treat myself to milk. As a birthday present, KPOW even drove me and paid for the gas. This really was such a great treat. (Her car even has heated seats.) I had a nice visit, and a pleasant ride, and I GOT MILK! I got 6 gallons and 1 ½ are already gone.

The milk is from a Jersey cow and has a thick layer of heavy cream on top. I know it is the middle of winter freezing, but I have to take advantage of this thick luscious cream (and the farm fresh eggs I got there) to make ice cream. Here is my super simple (and healthy) vanilla ice cream recipe:

3 egg yolks
1 T Vanilla
½ c Maple Syrup
1 c Whole Milk
2 C very thick cream (If not thick eliminate the milk and use 3 cups of cream)

Wisk the eggs, vanilla, and maple syrup together. In a large measuring cup mix the milk and cream until smooth. Add the cream mixture to the wisked ingredients and wisk again until well blended. Pour into your ice-cream maker and you are ready to go!

Chocolate Variation:
Add ¼ - ½ c of premium cocoa powder, and increase the maple Syrup to 2/3 cu if needed. Wisk in with the eggs Vanilla and maple syrup until smooth. Proceed with recipe!

Makes 1 – 1.5 qt of ice-cream.

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My Flock Rocks! said...

It's funny how we still crave ice cream in the dead of's 2 below and I want a root beer float! Your recipe sounds delicious! Now if only I had an ice cream machine!