Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Darn, no more bathroom cleaning at sub -legal wages for me

I am done working at The Bar. I tried to give my two, three, four week notice, but was told to finish out the weekend, then be done. Friday morning I had called the business office to ask to speak to either owner and left a message for either owner to call me back. A called me and was very nice and understanding. When I got to work that afternoon, J was upset that I had talked to A first. He had an odd attitude and it was awkward working all weekend.

I wish them the best and all success. I will see about adjusting my schedule at The Strip Club. There may be some interesting times ahead there. And I have never been asked to clean a toilet.


Katie said...

I'm glad to hear that you got away from the other place. It wasn't good for. You can do so much better!

Anonymous said...

So as not to disappoint you: I say way to go! More time at The Club means greater likelihood of blog posts about strippers!

Seriously, (not that the above wasn't sincere, it just wasn't serious) I think you are better off without the roller coaster that the various Bars and Restaurants have been.

Jennifer said...

Yes, I think you did the right thing leaving, even though it was difficult. The time it was taking up and stress is caused were totally not worth the low pay!

Ramble On said...

Their loss! All the best to you as you sort things out. You have a lot on your plate and don't need the extra stress.