Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tomorrow, I Will Have Two Teenagers

Little E turns 13 tomorrow! I cant believe how quickly my children have grown up. I know every parent says that, but until it happens to you, it is just so abstract.

Being in the bar business, there are a few days of the year that are about impossible to get off. New Years Eve is one of them. I've been really lucky, and work for good people, and haven't had to work on Ethan's birthday for the past several years. This year though, we had a couple servers quit at work and I was told I have to work the day shift that day. At least that was better than working at night, but I was not thrilled.

Another bartender, K, came to my rescue and is going to work my shift for me! Even though he has to work at a different bar that night. So, he will work 10:30- 7:00 at The Strip Club, then 7:30 until 5:00 a.m. at JP. I was so happy he would do this, I gave him $50, even though he told me it wasn't necessary.

When I told Little E this, (thinking he'd be thrilled to have me home on his birthday) he said, "You could have spent the $50 on a present". Yep. I have a teenager.


Laura said...

We will see you tomorrow night. It was the agar agar that sealed the deal. No, it was the promise of camaradarie and balderdash.

I like that you have bloglinks on the side of your page now. I can't do that on wordpress. So, now I will visit your page to check blogs...

Jennifer said...

Two teenagers + one of them will soon be driving! Double Scary!

I do think they secretly still like having us around, just as teenagers they don't like to admit it. (At least that's what I tell myself!)