Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Memories of Vanilla Ice Cream; Tuesdays with Dorie

Remember when we made the Perfect Party Cake? With eight egg whites (which I doubled, ending up with 16 egg yolks)? In June? I decided to use my egg yolks to make a double batch of Dorie's Vanilla Ice Cream (pg. 428, 429 of Baking, From My Home To Yours). I "played around" and made a mint chocolate chip version and a chocolate swirl version.

Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream With Katharine Hepburn Brownies

I didn't really take any notes or any pictures because I figured it was a dry run for this week's Tuesdays With Dorie, in which Vanilla Ice Cream was chosen by Lynne of Cafe LynnyLu. I figured in the month's time since then, I would make the ice cream again for real and take some great pictures. And write a great post.

Ooops. A month has flown by quickly, and it is Vanilla Ice Cream Tuesday, and I sit before you empty handed. No ice cream, no pictures, no post. I am sitting here on a cold, rainy summer night being challenged by my teenager to take him to the Ice Cream Shack to make good on a bet I lost today. I'd rather be visiting the TWD blogs and eating some rich creamy homemade vanilla ice cream.


Pamela said...

Well, at least you made it, right? The photo looks good with the brownies.

Megan said...

Um, I think you have a valid hall pass for this week. Two variations? I can't decide which one I would like first.

And to serve it with a brownie - well, I bow at your feet!

Clivia said...

You made a double batch. You fully deserve a trip to an ice cream stand.
And you already have a lovely photo!

Anonymous said...

Time does have a tendency to fly in the summer. Your ice cream in the picture looks fabulous and the others sound great.

Spike said...

so ahead of schedule! looks great...ummm brownies and ice cream

Sara said...

I can't believe I didn't think to make this earlier with the brownies. I guess I will be making another batch of those.

Kim said...

It looks great. And you had a picture. I love the variations you did. I'm going to have to make this one again and go crazy.

Jennifer said...

I think everyone should get a pass sometimes, plus, you really did make the recipe! (I do bet, however, that the ice cream shack ice cream, while good, was no TWD mint chocolate chip!)