Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I had a lime thrown at me

Wow. I have been so busy, yet busy with boring stuff, I think all three of my readers may think I have fallen off the face of the Earth.

Well, auditioning for Deal or No Deal was not boring. Even though we stood in line for six hours, I don’t think I got bored at all. I was having fun with Jennifer and it I was excited with anticipation of the audition, which lasted 20 seconds.

Work has been mainly uneventful except for one night of waiting on a rock star and some TV celebrities. It was a lot of dealing with the attitude “Don’t you know who I am?!?” (No, I don’t actually, and even if I was big fan, I doubt I would know you didn't want a lime in your drink.)

Our chef, G, has still been putting out consistently good steaks and seafood. Yet she still has some….creative? ideas that I don’t quite understand. Our special last weekend was Seared Sea Scallops (say 5 times fast) and mashed potatoes. Plated together. With a White Sauce. I don’t eat meat and especially hate seafood, so I should not be pretentious enough to say these flavors would not go well together. How would I know? At some point the special did get changed to Sea Scallops and asparagus. I’m not sure of the details of how it was changed. I just know no one told me about it until I saw a plate come out of the kitchen with asparagus instead of mashed potatoes. Luckily it was for Bread Boy’s table and he was already aware of (maybe initiated) the change.

Something else no one told me was that our new dishwasher is deaf. So for the first few days he worked there, I went from thinking he was ignoring me, to getting frustrated over serious communication problems. Since seeing someone sign to him, and figuring out I need to make sure he is at least facing me if I want to talk to him, (He is a good lip reader) everything has been fine and he seems nice and interesting. I’m not sure if he will stay with us though, since our dishwashing machine has been broken since he has started, and he has to wash everything by hand and his skin is getting raw.

My husband got me a new notebook computer, which is cool. I have started another job grading the written portion of standardized tests which I can do online. Too bad it is temporary, just for a couple months. The plan is, that I can take my computer to work with me, and when we have no customers, I can grade tests.

Yesterday, I used my new computer for a few hours with it sitting on the kitchen table, which is several inches higher than my computer desk. Last night my shoulder was hurting me, from having my mouse arm higher than normal. I was complaining about it and my 12 year old, Little E, said, (in a slow, condescending voice) “Mom, it is called a LAP TOP so you can sit it on the TOP of your LAP, and you won’t need to reach up to use it”.


Jennifer said...

Gosh, don't those people realize they are super minor celebrities? Like, not even "d list," but maybe "u list?"
And throwing a lime at someone, that's just childish. (Beyond childish)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jennifer. Those people do not count as celebrities. When I saw the links I got a little excited, "what famous people have been in little, ol' Peoria recently", I thought. My enthusiasm disappeared when I rolled over the links and saw who it was. I don't suppose you at least got a decent tip for your trouble?

Michael said...

Maybe you should have thrown it back?! (The lime I mean ... not the laptop)

Secret Server said...

Thanks guys. My boss tipped us. (These were his guests.) The tattoo people were OK. They were polite, just picky. (French Onion soup- no onions.)

Chef Kevin said...

I've had the experience of cooking or waiting on a few big name celebs. Those few didn't have that "do you know who I am" air about them and just wanted to enjoy the company they were with and not have a scene made. I guess if you have to point out who you are, you haven't really made it yet.

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