Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Good Ole' Summertime

There’s not much to write about my restaurant world. Chef G has been fired. Manager, C, whom I liked and respected, has been fired. J, the cook, quit. We have hired another server, J. And a manager from one of the other establishments is now running the kitchen. His name is also J. I just hope server J works out because I am taking a week off in June to assist at the Sun Foundation Arts and Science in the Woods Camp.

That is my favorite week of the year. I have been doing it for about 8 years now. I help with a rocks and fossils class. Family members are going to help care for Gram and it is like a vacation for me.

Big E is 15. This is the summer after his freshman year. Really, we only have these next three summers left as a family before he is grown up. I really want to make the most of this summer and wish we could take a real family vacation. I worry my children will grow up and I will regret never having taken a real vacation.

I guess I survived childhood without a real vacation. And I have fond memories of the mini vacations we did, like going to Six Flags in the back of a pick up truck. Those are the kinds of things I do with my kids except they ride inside the vehicle in seatbelts. Back of the truck was not so much fun anyway, especially when it rained the whole trip back and we eventually squeezed all six of us, sopping wet into the cab. The vacations I take my kids on have to better than that.

So I am looking forward to summer. I like this cool weather easing into summer. I have a garden planted. The kids have music camps and we all have the Sun Foundation camp (with Jennifer's kids, the kids will be honing their survival skills). I have been buliding up my running again and hope to get in shape. I am going to enjoy the weather and enjoy time with my family and friends as much as possible. And hopefully blog a little more about all those good things.


Jennifer said...

Aw, SS, Your kids will have great memories of their childhoods. You are so patient with them and so much fun.
You've also sacraficed so much so they can go the Sun Foundation ASIW, to St. Louis, to the City Museum and 6 Flags. Plus they get to go to all those cool Yu-gi-Oh tournaments!
I think they will remember it all fondly.
Remember the End Moraine? It caused my kids to have the delightful saying "Well, it's better than an End Moraine."
And "Slaughter and Son's" funeral home?
Oh, and the llama farm? And the time the bad guys tried to break into our hotel in the middle of the night to rape and kill us and then we couldn't sleep all night and spent the next day exhausted but walked all around 6 flags anyway?
Oh, and the time you hit the post with the mini-van and flipped me off?
Good times, good times.

Secret Server said...

Yes, we could each write many blog posts (or a book) about our shared vacation memories.

Mistress of the Post said...

I never noticed the phrase "whine list" before. I snorted a little with laughter. Update your blog, mofo.