Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another thing to not do in a strip club

Last night, when I opened the bar I had one customer and one dancer. The customer sat at the bar while the dancer was on stage, then asked if I would send her over to him if he moved to a table. I called back to the dressing room and had her go see the customer, who was sitting against the wall furthest from the bar. She came hurrying back to the bar and said "I don't know where that guy is from, but someone should tell him he can't smoke in here." I sent a security guy to go tell him to put his cigarette out. It turns out, it wasn't just a regular cigarette. He was smoking a joint. He seemed really shocked that we thought this was a big deal and made him leave. It is not like this was a smoke filled bar, jammed with people, where one might be able to take a few hits without anyone noticing. (I remember a certain bachelorette party with a couple of local bloggers, when the bride-to-be was in a club smoking a bowl at our table, and my friend kept screaming hysterically. Even then, it was so crowded and smoky and loud, no one noticed.) He was the only customer in a big room, in a non smoking bar. He came back later and the manager made him leave. He was really baffled as to why he couldn't be there and wanted his money back.


Jennifer said...

Are you sure the customer wasn't my brother-in-law, Walt?

And about the flashback, No comment.

Anonymous said...

They say too much pot smoking dulls ones senses. Perhaps he couldn't tell that he was alone in a non-smoking bar.