Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Banana Cream Pie, Tuesdays With Dorie

This week, Amy, from Sing For Your Supper, chose Dorie's Banana Cream Pie, on pages 342 & 343 of Baking, from My Home To Yours.

Jennifer made this pie and brought it to our book club meeting Sunday, so I got to taste how good it was. I really liked the fresh bananas and the pastry cream was sooo good. It had a nice complex flavor, with brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I adored the topping, which had sour cream in it, so it was not too sweet. I actually convinced myself this is a healthy snack or breakfast. It has lots of protein and vitamins and minerals from the 6 egg yolks and 3 bananas, and is not too sugary. I mean, it is definitely more healthy than eating a doughnut for breakfast.

I really hoped my pie would be better than as good as Jennifer's. But unfortunately, I made a mistake with the crust. Why do I do that?!? I always mess up one little thing. Also, I have never understood the expression "easy as pie", because I think one of the major components of pie, the crust, is not known for being easy. (Well, maybe with the exception of among the TWD bakers. I'm sure many are experts at pie crust.)

Actually this crust was pretty easy (thanks, Dorie!), and I was pretty confident that it was going to be a success. The suggested technique of rolling it out between sheets of waxed paper made that part easy peasy.

(I actually rolled it thinner, a little past the edges of the waxed paper, after I took the picture.) I think I got it into it's plate pretty OK.

So far, so good. Then I didn't bake it long enough. After the 25 minutes and taking the foil off, I thought it was supposed to be done. It didn't look done. So instead of checking the recipe to find out I am supposed to cook it for ten minutes more, I just thought "hmm, I'll put this in for another 5 or 6 minutes."

Then I took it out and filled it.

It was only this morning, while having a slice for breakfast (healthy, remember?), and instant messaging Jennifer about my crust being gummy, that I realized my error. So, I think I will scoop the filling into some bowls and serve it sans crust to the rest of my family this evening. If you want to try this pie, you can get the recipe on Sing For Your Supper.

(Note- undone crust, argh)


Jennifer said...

I seem to mess up "one little thing" too, like the time I forgot to add the eggs to my cookie dough, or the almond extract to my meringues. It makes me so mad at myself!
I think your pie looks great, and I think my crust, even with the extra 10 minutes, could have baked slightly longer.

chocolatechic said...

Sorry your crust didn't turn out like you wanted, but it sure looks good.

Spike said...

Looks good and I'm sure it will still be good served crustless. Pie for breakfast=best day ever

Megan said...

Well, aside from the underdone crust, I think it looks superb. In fact, can you pass a slice to me? I didn't get any!

TeaLady said...

Crust isn't easy, hang in, it will come. Pie looks good tho'.

Tracey said...

Your pie looks awesome! I had some issues with crust too so I feel your pain.

Annette said...

I messed up the crust and the custard, so don't feel bad. You're pie looks great! Your crust is picture perfect!