Monday, January 12, 2009

The Weirdo Factor, Part 3- Some make me mad, some make me sad

I called in to work last Wednesday, after having to put Doobie to sleep. The owner and wife are dog lovers and the same bartender who covered my shift for Little E's birthday worked for me. I feel really thankful.

Friday night I successfully sabered three champagne bottles for the owner and his friends, so I felt a sense of redemption after the Dom disaster.

Saturday night, I worked a short shift behind the bar and it was really slow. I did serve a few weirdos. After the waitress was there awhile, she commented on the full moon. Many in the bar business believe that the moon phase affects the behavior of patrons.

What stands out in my mind are two separate couples I served. The first couple came in early and told me they were celebrating the woman's birthday. She was very friendly and showed me her "bustier". They ordered dinner and I served them a few drinks. They decided to move from the bar to a table, so I climbed under the bar and took all their plates, drinks, and condiments to a table for them. They did not ever tip me. Some people, especially if they don't go out much, don't really understand the etiquette of tipping. I tried not to think much of it and continued to be super friendly and help this woman enjoy her birthday. After awhile the gentleman came to the bar with a hundred dollar bill and wanted all singles. So apparently he did understand the concept of tipping, he just was not going to tip me. I let the waitress take care of them after that.

Later, another couple came in. I would not have identified them as a couple at first. They looked like father/daughter, father/granddaughter possibly? The woman did not look to be of drinking age, but she had some sort of physical(?) developmental(?) disability. That can make it difficult to judge age. I asked them if I could get them anything and the man wanted a Bud Light. I asked the woman what she wanted and she said nothing. I addressed the man, "that will be $3.25". He responded in a gruff voice, "She pays". OK. She counted out $3.25 exactly. I thought, well, maybe she works for him. Maybe she is his assistant or something. Then he leaned over and started making out with her. She seemed very uncomfortable the whole time they were there, which was for two more beers for him, nothing for her. At one point, he asked me to watch his beer while he stepped outside to smoke. The woman stayed at the bar for a minute and I was considering asking her if she was OK, but she put on her coat and said she was also going outside before I had made up my mind about what to say or if I should say anything. So I guess if she was being coerced, he wouldn't have left her there, and she could have said something to me while he was gone. It was just a bit disturbing to me and I hope the woman is capable of making informed decisions and hope she is happy if she is choosing to be with this creepy guy.


Jennifer said...

I guess I should be glad that the only weirdo's at my work are the employees... okay, maybe that's not much better!

I must say, the old guy, young girl thing is wayyyy creepy.

Anonymous said...

I think that guy is using the girl for her SSI money.

Secret Server said...

IDNKM, yeah, that was the vibe I was getting, which is why it creeped me out. In hindsight, it wasn't the age difference/making out that bothered me as much as the possible financial and/or sexual exploitation of someone that may not really be capable of consenting.